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Anonymous asked: What do you like to read? Do you have any books of immense importance to you? Why do you value them? What is your general opinion on books, why do you like them, what do they mean to you?P.S. I might come here often, if that's okay.

Sure, come by as often as you like :) 

I like to read pretty much everything. I just assume you’ve never seen my bookcase(s), but it contains everything from fiction to non-fiction, fantasy to essays and informative books up to literature. I literally read everything that comes across my path.
The book I own that has the most importance to me is a copy of ‘Het Oneindige Verhaal’ ( The Neverending Story ). It’s one of my oldest books, and it has always been one of my favourites. Other important books are 1984, The Collector, The Discovery of Heaven ( only have a Dutch copy of that one though ) and To Kill a Mockingbird, I suppose. But almost all of my books are important to me.

My general opinion on books is that I love them. Simple as that. It’s so easy to escape into the realm of a book. No matter what the subject is, books always offer an escape.

So it seems you like books as well. Tell me something about the books you like :)

Anonymous asked: Why are you so angry about JLaw's nudes being leaked? I thought you didn't like her.


  • i am angry because this is just another example of women being shamed for taking nudes instead of the douchebag who spreads them being shamed for violating someone’s privacy like that
  • i am angry because nobody deserves this, regardless of how i feel about their personality
  • i am angry because this is pure misogyny and shows how women aren’t respected in our culture
  • i am angry because she did not consent to having those pics posted everywhere but they still were
  • i am angry because on the VERY RARE occasion this happens to a male celeb he is not shamed but rather the perpetrator is and it’s forgotten quickly whereas this will haunt jennifer for years and years to come
  • i am angry because this was a sex crime and people are treating it like a joke
  • i am angry because she is being exploited/objectified and some gross dudebros are probably jacking off to those pics 
  • i am angry because people are CONGRATULATING the fucker who did such an atrocious thing to her instead of being appalled 

listen i may not like her personally but the fact remains that as a human being she is entitled to body autonomy and to choose who sees her naked body and who doesn’t 

Anonymous asked: Thoth, Aphrodite, Vesta ,Morpheus

Wait, so I’m actually getting anons now? Oh, I can’t wait for the anon hate to come in, that’s going to be hilarious.

  • Thoth: Do you like to read/write?

Oh for sure. I always carry around a book wherever I go.
I’d love to write more, but I’m really not that good, so I usually end my attempt within a reasonable amount of time.

  • Aphrodite: What do you think of yourself?

Eh. I don’t think too highly of myself, but I’m okay with it.

  • Vesta: Do you like being home or do you try to get out whenever you can?

I really like both. I love being at home and to be able to do what I want, but I also really like to spend my time outside or with friends. I’m a fan of a healthy balance of the two, I suppose.

  • Morpheus: Do you daydream often? Of what?

I do daydream often. I hardly ever remember the dreams I dream at night, so I use daydreaming as a sort of method for venting? And it could really be anything, from golden dragons with pink ribbons flying through fields of amber to everyday situations such as grocery shopping.

Mythology Asks ; please, please, please

  • Anubis: How do you feel about death?
  • Atum: What are your greatest imperfections?
  • Bastet: Do you have any cats?
  • Hathor: What brings you joy?
  • Horus: What is one thing you've had to fight for in your life?
  • Osiris: Do you believe in the underworld?
  • Ra: Do you have any major responsibilities or importance?
  • Thoth: Do you like to read/write?
  • Arawn: What is the most terrifying thing you've ever done?
  • Bran: How is your health?
  • Brighid: Tell us about your relationship with your father.
  • Cernunnos: What is your favorite animal?
  • Danu: What is your relationship with your mother?
  • Morrigan: What do you think happens when we die?
  • Olwen: What is your favorite flower?
  • Rhiannon: Have you ever been betrayed?
  • Bragi: What kind of music do you listen to?
  • Freya: Have you ever been in love?
  • Freyr: Do you have any children?
  • Hœnir: Are you a silent or talkative person?
  • Iounn: How old are you?
  • Loki: What is the best trick you've ever pulled on someone?
  • Odin: What is your family like?
  • Thor: Would you consider yourself pretty powerful?
  • Tree: What have you done with your life? What are you going to do with it?
  • Aphrodite: What do you think of yourself?
  • Ares: Are you an easy person to anger?
  • Athena: Would you consider yourself an artist?
  • Apollo: Do you play any instruments?
  • Dionysus: Do you drink?
  • Hades: Do you have a bad reputation?
  • Hekate: Have you ever tried to communicate with the dead?
  • Hermes: Have you ever stolen anything?
  • Poseidon: Are you a moody person?
  • Zeus: Are you a confident person?
  • Jupiter: Would people say that you are intimidating or fairly approachable?
  • Pluto: Where do you think we go when we die?
  • Apollo & Dianna: Do you prefer to be up during the day or at night?
  • Mars: Have you ever gotten into a fight?
  • Minerva: Do you generally give good advice?
  • Proserpine: Have you ever felt trapped?
  • Plutus: Do you have a job?
  • Venus: Have you ever had your heart broken?
  • Vesta: Do you like being home or do you try to get out whenever you can?
  • Morpheus: Do you daydream often? Of what?

Anonymous asked: Um, hey. Umm, just an awkwardly composed reminder that I like seeing your posts on my dashboard and that I genuinely believe you would make a wonderful friend.

GUYS, WHAT IS THIS. Why are you all so friendly all of a sudden? 
I mean, I really appreciate it, I really do, but I’m just not used to it and not sure how to deal with it.
Why don’t you show me who you are so I can love you?